About me

Anirudh Prabhu is a Research Scientist & Principal Investigator at the Earth and Planets Laboratory in the Carnegie Institution for Science. A data & information scientist by training Prabhu's research focuses on advancing data science by developing and applying analytics, and machine learning techniques, thus answering the biggest questions in science including but not limited to (i) understanding the evolution of Earth’s geosphere and biosphere, (ii) identifying and characterizing planetary kinds, and (iii) biosignature detection, (iv) understanding the role of information in complex evolving systems. Prabhu's current research applications include the fields of Mineralogy, Astrobiology, Paleobiology, Crystallography, and Planetary Science. Prabhu holds a PhD in Multidisciplinary Science from RPI. Prabhu’s PhD thesis work focused on developing a semi-automated methodology to create rules by identifying the important concepts in text data and the relationships between these concepts. Prabhu is on the Advisory Board for the Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance and has been a member of the Data Science Team of both the Deep Carbon Observatory (https://deepcarbon.net/activity/data-science) and the 4D initiative (https://4d.carnegiescience.edu/) since 2016. Prabhu has been awarded EGU Outstanding Early Career Scientist award in 2024, the IBM Global Student Fellowship in 2015, where he spent the summer working with IBM Research in India, and the “Founder’s Award of Excellence” at RPI. 

My Research Interests include :