About me

Anirudh Prabhu is a Research Scientist at the Earth and Planets Laboratory in the Carnegie Institution for Science. Prabhu holds a PhD in Multidisciplinary Science from RPI. During his PhD, Prabhu worked at Tetherless World Constellation and was advised by Prof. Peter Fox and Prof. Deborah McGuinness. Prabhu’s research involves developing algorithms, visualizations, and methods in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Informatics and their application in a variety of domains such as Earth and Space Science, Paleobiology, and Microbiology. The path to achieving this goal lies in a truly multidisciplinary approach, harnessing the integrated power of multiple scientific domains by using data as the backbone of the discovery process. This in turn required solving problems that plague the fields of data science, knowledge extraction, and data visualization, for example, how to deal with extremely small or sparse data, how to extract the relationships embedded in unstructured text, how to deal with scalability issues with extreme large number of attributes for data mining algorithms, such as affinity analysis. Prabhu’s PhD thesis work focused on developing a semi-automated methodology to create rules by identifying the important concepts in text data and the relationships between these concepts. Prabhu was the Student Representative of the Geo-informatics and Data Science Division of the Geological Society of America from 2018 to 2021, and has been a member of the Data Science Team of both the Deep Carbon Observatory (https://deepcarbon.net/activity/data-science) and the 4D initiative (https://4d.carnegiescience.edu/) since 2016. Prabhu was also awarded the IBM Global Student Fellowship in 2015, where he spent the summer working with IBM Research in India. Prabhu has been awarded the “Founder’s Award of Excellence” at RPI. Prabhu completed his M.S in ITWS at RPI in 2015 working with Prof. Peter Fox