Past Projects

DarkData (2015-2017)

Anirudh_Prabhu_AGU2016_Poster_v2 (1).pdf

ENKI is a collaborative, Web-based model-configuration and testing portal that provides tools in computational thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. This NSF project began development in fall 2016 and expects a prototype in early summer 2017.

GDot (Grey Data of Teaching) (2016 - 2017)

This project aims to expand the application of analytics within learning environments. We explore how analytics can inform instructors on the effectiveness of their interactions with students in a range of settings (hence we use the more inclusive “learning environment” term). We specifically focus on what we term the grey data of teaching (GDot), which we define as data that is created outside of traditional channels such as assignments and evaluations. We include under this definition a host of media including written, visual, and auditory data, generated through body language, facial expressions, classroom discussions, note taking, and more. 

NOCV (2015)

The National Ocean Council Data and Information Working Group (NOC-DIWG) has the goal of working within the framework of to create an information system that supports the objectives of the National Ocean Policy, especially to support the needs of the marine planning community for data and decision-support tools. Objective 1 of the NOC-DIWG Work Plan is "Improve the discoverability, curation, and presentation of data within's metadata catalog." A task within this objective is: 

Task 1.2. Improve discoverability and curation of metadata within the catalog.